Artist Kimmy Hogan brings Floral Illustrations Home with our New Collection

JUL 31|5 min read

At Home with Adairs: behind the designs, inspiration, and collaborations with our favourite artists.

In celebration of our collaboration with Kimmy Hogan, join us as we delve beyond the designs, into the inspiration and life of the artist herself. Exclusive to Adairs, we've partnered with local artist Kimmy Hogan to craft botanic landscapes that will bloom throughout each corner of your home. Embrace natural elements, romantic florals and organic imperfections, across a range of homewares.

Tell us about yourself.

How long have you been illustrating? Why do you love it?

I’ve been an art lover since I was a child, always drawing and creating. I was a graphic designer for the first decade of my career, but my head was always in the clouds – dreaming of art and home interiors. I started dabbling in digital illustration and creating prints and I felt completely and utterly at home straight away.

"All my artworks start in the pages of my journal."


What is your medium of choice?

What does a day in the life of Kimmy look like?

With three busy, noisy boys in our home we are a household of early risers. Our mornings are like a whirlwind to get us all ready and out of the house for school and day care drop-offs – then I head to my new studio to work for the day.

First up – always a coffee and a little flick through a book just so I can pause for a moment. Then I’ll tick off my to-do list of miscellaneous things so I can then delve into my artwork without interruption. It’s an absolute treat to spend a day drawing – I don’t always have this luxury if we are super busy.

On a day when my lovely team are in, we will discuss upcoming photoshoots, collaborations and also take time to view any of our favourite memes of the week – all very important things!

"My style is floral, feminine, warm, and romantic. I like my artwork to give soul to a space the moment it’s hung on the wall."

Describe your ultimate bed – are you a one pillow or four pillow kind of person? A big quilt or just a blanket?

I am a three-pillow girl and I love a big snuggly doona – it’s fair to say ‘cloud-like’ would be a way to describe my ideal sleep conditions. We have our ducted heating on day and night so we can simulate our natural Queensland habitat.


What excites you the most about the Adairs collaboration?

I am so looking forward to my range for Adairs being launched. This has been a real collaboration where I have been a part of the design process right down to the fabric choice. I’m excited to be the first collaborating artist to use their glorious 100% linen for the quilts and I think my artwork translates so well on this fabrication. I am so happy with the products – I want all of them in my house!

Kimmy Hogan x Adairs

Introducing Kimmy Hogan x Adairs. It’s here! Kimmy Hogan’s very first home collection – let florals bloom throughout each room of your house.

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