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Remi Deep Moss Counter ChairRemi Deep Moss Counter Chair

Remi Deep Moss Counter Chair

Shelby Rosewood & Gold Dining Chair Set of 2Shelby Rosewood & Gold Dining Chair Set of 2

Shelby Rosewood & Gold Dining Chair Set of 2

Norwich Beige Counter StoolNorwich Beige Counter Stool

Norwich Beige Counter Stool

Shelby Rosewood & Gold Counter StoolShelby Rosewood & Gold Counter Stool

Shelby Rosewood & Gold Counter Stool

Norwich Forest Counter StoolNorwich Forest Counter Stool

Norwich Forest Counter Stool

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Norwich Forest Dining Chair Set of 2Norwich Forest Dining Chair Set of 2

Norwich Forest Dining Chair Set of 2

Norwich Beige Dining Chair Set of 2Norwich Beige Dining Chair Set of 2

Norwich Beige Dining Chair Set of 2

Dining Chairs, Tables & Counter Stools

Create a dining room with our luxury dining chairs, dining tables and counter stools. Our kitchen and dining furniture will allow you to have a wonderful space to entertain friends and family in your home. At Adairs, our dining chairs and tables come in a variety of styles and materials to fit any dining room. Our dining furniture is built from quality materials that are designed to last. Choose from materials including oak, velvet and rattan dining chairs.   

For those of us who love to eat at the kitchen counter, we also offer a range of bar stools & counter stools for your kitchen island bench. Stylishly upholstered with quilted detailing, you can choose from velvet and rattan bar stools that you can match to suit the style of your home’s kitchen. Our selection of counter stools are perfect when the family gets together for breakfast or when you have friends around for a few glasses of wine. Shop our incredible Adairs range of dining chairs, tables & counter stools today. 

Discover Perfect Dining Chairs to Match Your Dining Tables

If you’re trying to find dining chairs to match your favourite dining table, the first factor to consider is height. Take a tape measure and measure how high your current table is; anything more than 70 to 75cm high may require kitchen stools. Our range features dining stools and bar stools with comfortable seats and backrests, which are perfect for high tables. If your current table is between 70 and 75cm high, you should be able to choose any standard kitchen chairs or dining chairs, which are usually 45cm high.  
Next, consider the style of your current table. If you have a mid-century modern table, you’ll want to create a seamless (and period-appropriate) look with wood and wicker dining chairs. If your table is contemporary in style, opt instead for leather dining chairs, or kitchen chairs in fabric like velvet.  

No dining table? Good news, we make it easy with our range of dining sets. Dining sets include your table and the perfect number of dining chairs to match. One benefit of dining sets is that the dining chairs are sure to suit your table and be the perfect height.  

How to Choose the Right Stools for Your Kitchen?

Size & Dimensions

When it comes to size, we recommend leaving at least 90cm between your stools and your furniture, to allow a good walkway. Also, try to keep 30cm between seats. If you’re tight on space, we recommend backless kitchen stools with a seat that will swivel. The backless design allows you to push the bar stools under the counter when not in use, and the swivel allows you to hop on and off your kitchen stool without pulling them in and out. 


Ideally, you want between 24 and 30cm of space between the seat of your chair and the counter. To choose the right bar stools for your kitchen, we recommend you take your bar counter and measure the counter height from the floor. Subtract 26cm, and you’ll have the height of your perfect kitchen stools. Make it easy on yourself and choose dining stools with adjustable height, so your guests can make their seats as low or as high as they’d like. 


Your kitchen should influence the material you choose for your bar stools. Match the style of your counter to your bar stools; for example, if the counter is black stone on white painted wood, opt for black or metal stools; if the counter is white marble on wood, opt instead for rattan or natural materials. 

What is the difference between a Counter Stool and a Bar Stool?  

A counter stool is a type of stool that is designed to be used at a kitchen counter or island. A counter stool is typically shorter than a bar stool and has a backrest. A counter stool can be used for weeknight meals and longer-term sitting. Your typical “breakfast bar” has counter stools rather than bar stools. A bar stool is a type of stool that is designed to be used at a bar. A bar stool is typically taller than a counter stool and does not have a backrest.   

How do I care for and maintain my dining chairs, tables, and counter stools?

  • Caring for your dining furniture depends on the material they're made of. Generally, it's advisable to:

  • Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight to prevent fading.

  • Clean spills immediately to prevent staining. Use a damp cloth for wooden and rattan furniture and a mild fabric cleaner for upholstered items.

  • For wooden furniture, occasional polishing with a wood-specific product can help maintain its shine.

  • Rotate and fluff the cushions of upholstered chairs to ensure even wear.

  • Use protective pads under hot dishes and coasters under beverages to prevent marks on wooden tables.

  • Avoid dragging furniture; lift to move to prevent scratches on the floor and damage to the furniture legs.

Do dining chairs need to be the same height?

While it's not mandatory for dining chairs to be the exact same height, it's essential for them to be of a consistent height to ensure comfort for all diners. Typically, the standard height for dining chairs is around 45cm, ensuring they fit comfortably under standard dining tables. If you're mixing and matching chairs, try to keep the height difference minimal to maintain a harmonious look and feel.

What size should a 10 person dining table be?

For a 10 person dining table, you'd typically need a table that's at least 96 to 120 inches long (8-10 feet). This ensures that each person has ample space to eat comfortably without feeling cramped. The width should be at least 48 inches to provide enough room for dishes and to ensure diners aren't too far apart for conversation.

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