A Moment of Reinvigoration

JUL 19|3 min read

Begin the day with a peaceful mindset.

It can be hard not to feel frazzled when your day starts with a mad rush to get ready for work. Jumping straight from bed to the shower, and then out the door, makes it feel like your life doesn’t really start until you knock off from work. That’s why we like to wake up early to pack in some mindfulness...

...okay not every day – but 2 or 3 times a week, especially on work-from-home days. By giving yourself an hour or so in the morning to fully wake up and recharge, you help to create some much-needed balance.

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Here are just a few of our top tips to get the most out of your mornings.

Charge up your batteries.

Get your blood pumping first thing in the morning with a bit of exercise. While a spin class or a session with your PT will start your day off right, we know not everyone has the time for a full-blown workout. That’s why we’re huge fans of a walk around the block first thing in the morning. You can set your own pace, while the beauty of natural sunlight and fresh air will help to wake you up. Up the ante by taking your morning latte with you on your walk – not only is it a fantastic way to enjoy a cuppa, but by the time you’re done walking the coffee will have kicked in.

Freshen up.

So, you’ve enjoyed a bit of fresh air and a coffee, which means it’s time for our favourite part of the morning ritual – shower time. Rinse off your morning power walk with a pamper session that’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated rather than rushed. Take your time, ensuring that your shower is the right temperature and suds up with an invigorating body wash. We love spritzy scents like eucalyptus and lime to wake up the senses.

Turn your bathroom into a spa experience with the right candle. We love lighting a candle the moment we begin our bathing ritual, creating instant ambiance.

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Ultra Soft Rose Bathrobe

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Pure Silk Magnet Eye Mask

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Stone Fresh Cut Gardenia 500g Candle

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Mimosa Textured Seagrass Towel Range

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Keep the good times rolling.

Make your bathing ritual work for you with the right soundtrack. You’re leaving extra time for a reinvigorating shower or bath, so why not make it a karaoke session? We love curating playlists of ballads so you can spend your morning belting out your favourite tracks – plus, everyone sounds better singing in the shower. Keep a fluffy towel or two close by for the encore. Bring it back down a notch and get your brain in gear by swapping over to a podcast once you’re out of the tub. We like to start our day with a news podcast to make sure we’re across the headlines.

Be kind to future you.

As far as we’re concerned, your mornings should be all about self-care – and there’s nothing self-care about making your future self unhappy. There are so many small ways you can honour your joy and set yourself up for success. For example, laying down a bathmat before you jump in the shower will benefit you twofold; your feet will thank you for not hitting cold tiles first thing in the morning, and you’ll be glad to not be mopping up pools of water when you’re meant to be heading out the door for work. While bathmats with cute phrases are always winners, our current favourite creates a zen zone.

It’s hard to rush through your morning skincare routine with a candle flickering gently on your counter. Pick out an invigorating scent that suits your body wash for a sensory indulgence.

Scent to success.

While picking out soft, absorbent towels is a no-brainer for improving your mornings, there’s one part you might not have thought about. Due to the looped fibres, towels are excellent at trapping scent, and provide the perfect opportunity to create a luxurious moment. We love washing our towels and face washers in Aroma Wash for an uplifting feeling in the morning. Not only does this detergent care for your towels, but it’ll also gently imbue your space with zesty fragrance.

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