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Comfort - European PillowComfort - European Pillow

Comfort - European Pillow

Luxury High Loft - European PillowLuxury High Loft - European Pillow

Luxury High Loft - European Pillow

Worlds Softest - European PillowWorlds Softest - European Pillow

Worlds Softest - European Pillow

Luxe White Duck Down - European PillowLuxe White Duck Down - European Pillow

Luxe White Duck Down - European Pillow

Comfort U Shape PillowComfort U Shape Pillow

Comfort U Shape Pillow

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Comfort Body PillowComfort Body Pillow

Comfort Body Pillow

 Elegance European Pillows For Your Bedroom

Our range of European pillows and body pillows vary in both feel and profile to ensure you have the best comfort while you sleep. We offer the most luxurious options to our superior everyday pillows. Enjoy exceptional quality and ultimate relaxation that our European pillow selection provides. Choose from a range of quality pillow fillings to suit your personal preference: wool, duck feather and down, gel, polyester, latex, memory foam and allergy sensitive. 

Comfortable Body Pillows

The Adairs Comfort body pillow range is the perfect choice for pregnant women and those looking for added comfort. Our body pillows come in a variety of sizes and fills to suit every taste. They are treated with ultra-fresh, anti-microbial protection inhibiting the development of mould, bacteria and dust-mites. Accepted by the National Asthma Council's 'Sensitive Choice' program for providing an asthma and allergy free product. Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within Australia. Shop our incredible range of Adairs European and body pillows online today with plush filling and soft fabric ensure every moment spent in bed is a luxury experience.

Matching European Pillowcases to Suit

Coupled with our range of European pillowcases, each piece ensures your bedding not only feels great but also looks magnificent. With an array of textures, and patterns, our pillowcases allow you to personalize your space effortlessly. Refresh your bedroom's look with our European pillowcases, and enjoy a space that reflects your unique style and passion for home styling.

What benefits do European pillows offer?

European pillows from Adairs offer multiple benefits, including enhanced support for your back and neck, an improved aesthetic appeal for your bedroom, and versatile use beyond sleeping. They are ideal for creating a layered, textured look on your bed or adding extra comfort to your seating area. With their plush filling and superior fabric, these pillows ensure a luxurious experience, whether you're sleeping or simply relaxing in bed.

What are the standard European pillow sizes and dimensions?

European pillows are distinguished by their generous size and square shape, designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and functional comfort. The standard European pillow size and dimension typically measure 65cm x 65cm, providing ample support for reading, lounging, or sleeping. This size ensures they fit perfectly on any bed, sofa, or reading nook, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. Adairs' European pillows are crafted to these exact specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit and unmatched comfort.

How can I choose the right European pillow for my needs?

Selecting the right European pillow involves considering your personal comfort preferences, the style of your bedroom, and the specific uses you have in mind. Look for pillows that align with your sleep habits and aesthetic preferences. Consider the firmness level that best supports your sleeping position, and select pillowcases that match your bedroom's colour scheme and decor style.