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Olivia Doll House CollectionOlivia Doll House Collection

Olivia Doll House Collection

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Adairs Kids NZ offer a wide range of quality-made wooden toys for boys and girls of all ages. The Timber Play Collection is a perfect way to educate and develop skills through playing with kids toys. Our collection of wooden toys for kids feature beautifully crafted pieces, such as our best-selling dolls house, kitchen gifts sets, wooden guitars and tool belts that stand the test of wear and tear of children and are completely safe. These classic toys for kids assist them through their growth, learning and development stages gradually building their confidence whilst supporting their endless imagination to bring the toys to life.

Shopping at Adairs Kids NZ is child’s play with our collection of gorgeously detailed wooden toys for kids available. Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within NZ. Shop our incredible Adairs Kids NZ range of wooden toys for kids today.

Types of Wooden Toys for Children

For the youngest enthusiasts, our wooden baby toys are more than mere playthings. They nurture early development, stimulate sensory experiences, and kindle the sparks of curiosity. These wooden children’s toys are designed to support the crucial stages of a child's growth. 

All Aboard the Wooden Train

Our wooden train sets invite young conductors on an adventure through whimsical landscapes. These sets, meticulously designed for easy assembly, encourage spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. As children link the carriages, build tracks, and create stories, they embark on a journey that blends play with learning. The wooden train is not just a toy; it's a catalyst for storytelling and adventure.

Culinary Creations with Wooden Kitchen Sets

Little chefs rejoice with our wooden kitchen sets, where culinary dreams take shape. These sets, echoing the design of real kitchens, inspire children to whip up imaginative meals. In playing with these kitchen sets, children develop social skills, learn the value of teamwork, and explore the basics of cooking. The wooden kitchen sets are a canvas for creativity, where recipes come from the heart.

Wooden Dollhouse: A Mansion of Dreams

Step into a miniature world of wonder with our wooden dollhouses. These grand structures, with their detailed rooms and accessories, provide a backdrop for children to script their tales and dramas. The wooden dollhouse is more than a home for dolls; it's a stage for imagination, where stories unfold and characters come to life. Each dollhouse, crafted with precision, stands as a testament to timeless play.

Where can I buy wooden toys?

Adairs Kids is the perfect place to find high-quality and unique wooden toys. Our wooden toys collection includes wooden dolls houses, baby toys, educational toys, and much more. Our range of wooden toys are also double up as decor and gifts, including plush toys and baby toys. You can browse our wooden toys collection online and in-store and have your purchase delivered straight to your door.