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Supreme Silver Goose QuiltSupreme Silver Goose Quilt

Supreme Silver Goose Quilt

Bamboo QuiltBamboo Quilt

Bamboo Quilt

Australian Washable Wool QuiltAustralian Washable Wool Quilt

Australian Washable Wool Quilt

Luxury High Loft QuiltLuxury High Loft Quilt

Luxury High Loft Quilt

Cool Wool Cotton Quilt

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Worlds Softest QuiltWorlds Softest Quilt

Worlds Softest Quilt

Memory Fibre Washable QuiltMemory Fibre Washable Quilt

Memory Fibre Washable Quilt

Pure Cotton Washable QuiltPure Cotton Washable Quilt

Pure Cotton Washable Quilt

Everyday Wool Quilt

Ultimate Siberian Goose Down QuiltUltimate Siberian Goose Down Quilt

Ultimate Siberian Goose Down Quilt

Warm Wool Quilt

Opulence Goose Down QuiltOpulence Goose Down Quilt

Opulence Goose Down Quilt

Thermal Wool Quilt

Quilt ClipsQuilt Clips

Quilt Clips

Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt

Cocoon yourself in an Adairs quilt for luxurious sleeping pleasure all night long. Whether it’s for winter warmth or a cool night’s sleep, curl up and relax under one of our premium-designed quilts and achieve a good night’s sleep, night after night. Said to be one of the best investments you can make for your bedroom, our extensive range of beautiful quilts all come softly encased, and are all complete with superior fillings, suitable for various climates including summer quilts. 

In toasty thermal thick quilts or lighter blends, our quilt range naturally regulates body temperature and reduces allergies, all whilst ensuring you get the warm sleep you need during those long, cold winter nights. Choose from our superior fillings – 100% Australian wool, cotton quilts, goose feather down or silk-like synthetic fillings, for a supremely comfortable sleep during the summer or cooler months. Our quilts are available in all bed sizes from single, to super king. Adairs quilts are available both in-store and online and are all designed to improve bedtime for the entire family - no matter where you live. Join our Linen Lovers program for free standard shipping within Australia. Shop our incredible range of Adairs quilts online today. 

Find the right quilt or doona for you  

We make it easy to find your perfect quilt. With our broad range of duvets, we have the right choice for all your bedding needs. The most important choice to make is your filling, and which filling you choose will entirely depend on your ideal temperature.  

Wool tends to be the warmest filling for quilts, offering an extra warm temperature rating. However, wool also has the added benefit of temperature regulation, so a wool quilt is still an all seasons quilt choice if you prefer to sleep warm.  

Opt for a cotton quilt if you live in a warmer climate, as this breathable fibre offers a cool temperature rating. Another factor to consider is the loft of your quilt – meaning the thickness of your doona. Quilts and duvets come in a variety of lofts, and a higher loft will always give the most luxurious look and feel. Your quilt bottom and quilt top will usually be crafted from a different fabric from your filling, making sure your quilt is easy to care for. 

Whether you prefer a modern or a traditional look in your bedroom, the best quilts will always be the ones with the right filling and casing – especially if you prefer a finished bottom. Pair your comforter with your favourite quilt cover and bed sheets to nail the aesthetic, without compromising on your quilt choice.    

What is the difference between a quilt and a doona? 

Quilt, doona and duvet all mean the same thing. They’re different words to describe the warmest layer for your bed – a soft rectangular case which encloses a soft filling. Typically, New Zealanders will say duvet, while Australians will say doona or quilt – but there’s no hard and fast rules. In the US a quilt may be used to refer to a patchwork blanket, but quilts in Australia are always stuffed full of down, wool, or synthetic fibres. The word “doona” is said to come from the Danish word “dyne”, which means down feathers. 

What are the different types of quilts?

Bamboo quilts and doonas

Durable and breathable, bamboo is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Bamboo fibres are naturally hypoallergenic, which means better sleep for those who wake up feeling congested after sleeping on wool, down and other natural materials. The antibacterial features ensure that your quilt doesn’t hold onto nasties – helping you breathe clear night after night. Bamboo is warm and temperature regulating, to help prevent night sweats.  

Cotton quilts and doonas 

The best quilt for Australia, cotton bed quilts are crafted with our hot weather in mind. Ideal for hot sleepers who need breathable quilts that won’t give them night sweats, cotton filling has a cool temperature rating. With a lightweight loft and feel, this quilt is a great choice for summer. 

Wool quilts and doonas 

If you’re longing for a warm, high loft quilt that feels weighty and rich, wool is the right choice. With temperature ratings from warm to extra warm, wool is sure to keep you comfortable all night long, no matter how cold it is outside. Naturally antibacterial, wool won’t hold onto nasties – ensuring your bed smells clean and fresh. Wool is a natural filling that is less likely to irritate allergy sufferers.  

Down quilts and doonas 

Go for the premium choice with down quilts. Packed full of fluffy, soft feathers, down quilts retain heat and insulates - providing warmth with a light and lofty fill. The ultimate choice for cold sleepers, goose down traps heat like no other filling, ensuring you never wake up cold in the middle of the night.  

Synthetic quilts and doonas 

There are so many fantastic quilts for sale on Adairs with synthetic fillings. More cost effective than many natural fibres, and vegan friendly, we offer Microsofty, high loft polyester, memory fibre and other synthetic fillings. Treated with ultra fresh anti-microbial protection for lasting freshness, our synthetic fillings have the lofty feel of down without the difficult care instructions.  

What size quilt do I need? 

We’re pleased to offer quilts in sizes for a single bed, king single bed, double bed, queen bed, king bed and super king bed. While you can match your bed size to your quilt size, to make sure you’re always covered by your quilt (even with a blanket hogging companion) we recommend sizing up. For your most luxurious sleep, we recommend a king bed quilt for a queen size bed, etc.    

Buy Quilts for Sale in Australia 

Adairs makes it easy to buy a quilt. With a huge range of fillings and a broad range of casing materials, you’re sure to find the right one that suits your family. From cool to very warm, our quilts span every temperature need for every climate. With a detailed list of features, we make it easy to shop online – plus with free shipping, we make it convenient to shop from home. Plus, we offer Afterpay and ZipPay so you can buy your quilt now and pay later. Get your best night’s rest today!