7 Stylish Bathroom Décor Ideas

MAR 14|3 min read

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, we’ve got the know-how and the essentials. Read our guide to discover our favourite bathroom design ideas!

Create a space that feels like a luxurious retreat. 

When it comes to home styling, the bathroom may be low on your list of rooms to decorate, but it’s important to update it every once in a while! Not only do your guests use your bathroom, but you and your family also use it multiple times daily, so create a relaxing space to freshen up and a sanctuary to wind down.

If you’ve been looking at pictures of bathrooms and have been inspired to come up with bathroom decorating ideas, the options are limitless! Even something that would usually be a living room or bedroom accessory can be used as a bathroom decoration.

Contrary to what you might see in most bathroom pictures, bathroom wall decorations don’t always have to be beach or seaside related. Inspire with a piece of classy bathroom wall art.

If you’re looking for bathroom decor ideas, you can create a spa-like atmosphere with the right pieces. We have towels, bath mats and benchtop accessories that will bring your space to life.

Wondering how to decorate a bathroom without the renovation? Read our guide below for seven stylish bathroom decor ideas.



Why do you need to decorate your bathroom?

Even though the bathroom doesn’t typically come to mind when thinking about home decor, it’s one of the most used rooms in the house! For this reason, it’s important to keep your bathroom updated and looking fresh – just like you would with any other room.

Stylish bath decor serves as a talking point when you have guests over, especially those that may be staying for an extended amount of time (and therefore using the bathroom a lot). Decorate with small accessories that they’ll notice, like timber shelf storage or an abstract statue.

Coming up with bathroom decorating ideas doesn’t have to be hard, as bathroom decorations can also be functional (even your bathroom bin can be stylish!) Accessorise with a ladder to stack towels on or add subtle elegance with marble trays and soap dishes.

Not only do bathroom decor pieces help to add flair and personality, but they can also create practicality and functionality for easier ways to use the bathroom and store essentials.

Scroll on to discover our top bathroom styling ideas and toilet room ideas suitable for every home.

How much should you spend on bathroom decor?

Depending on the size and number of bathrooms you have in your home, the amount you spend on accessorising may differ.

There is no right or wrong amount to spend on styling, but if your house features a master bathroom, guest bathroom and kids bathroom, you’re likely to spend more compared to someone who has one or two bathrooms in their home. As well as simply needing to buy more items to cater for more bathrooms, you may also need to allocate more of your home styling budget to the bathroom to keep a consistent theme across each. For example, consider buying multiple sets of similar-themed decor

If you’ve got less bathrooms, or a toilet room separate to a bathroom, you may not need to spend as much on bathroom styling.

An easy way to spend less on styling is by keeping it simple in your kids bathroom, stick to the basics and think about what your kids will really use, save the decorative candles and faux plants for the main bathroom.



New Season Styling:

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Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas

Now that you’ve got your budget ready, read on to discover our favourite simple bathroom ideas.

Mimosa Towel Range

The easiest bathroom style ideas usually suggest investing in a colourful set of towels! Our Mimosa Towel range is available in 10 colours, making it easy to match any bathroom style or add a pop of colour to a minimalistic bathroom.

Daisy Floral Pink Towel Range

Looking for a kids bathroom decor idea? This towel set is a super cute addition! Available in a Bath Towel or pack of two Face Washers, buy the set for a cohesive look throughout your child’s bathroom.

Flinders Towel Range

Boasting as our most popular towel range, our Flinders Towels are made from exquisite cotton low twist yarn that offers extreme softness, colour lustre, absorption and durability. Functional bathroom decor ideas include hangings towels and washcloths on a rack or hooks to help to keep the bathroom tidy.

Clayton Black Bathroom Accessories

Keep your bathroom decor cohesive with the coordinating Toilet Brush Holder, Toilet Roll Holder, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Tray and Bin. Place the tabletop decorations on your vanity and bring the style to the floor with matching toilet decor. Scroll down for more toilet decorating ideas!




Felix White Bathroom Accessories

If you’re after modern gray and white bathroom decor, this is the set for you. With pieces in timeless white, this range is ideal for both classic and contemporary styling. Scroll down for more bathroom decorating ideas!

Livia Mustard Pom-Pom Circle Bath Mat

No one likes stepping out of the shower or tub onto wet tiles, style up your bathroom floors with this fun and super absorbent bath mat. Also available in blush pink, coal and moonstone, these mats add a pop of personality to your space.

Milan White Rectangle Tray

Placed below your mirror, on your sink or beside your tap, this storage piece brings a classy touch to your bathroom benchtop.





Now that you’ve noted down your favourite toilet decor ideas, it’s time to add to cart! From the floor to the walls to the ceiling, we’ve got the accessories that make bathroom decorating easy.

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