Creating Calm in Your Home

JAN 25|3 min read

Ask us how to use colour, texture & more to transform your home into a relaxing retreat.

As the leaves turn red, we turn to a crisp colour palette.

Create calm throughout the changing seasons and take your home styling from summer to autumn. Swapping out earthy tones for fresh shades will help you to create a soft, comforting space. This colour palette filled with gentle greens, dreamy whites, and crisp blues is effortlessly calming. Not sure how to nail the look? We've got all the tips and tricks you need for a serene and soothing home to match the cooler weather.



Garden greens

Come home to tranquillity. The right colour choices will uplift your space, giving you room to relax. Being in nature is known to improve wellbeing, so, using a natural colour palette in your home is a no-brainer. We love including big splashes of green to bring the outside in. Whether you’re adding much-needed verdancy to an urban retreat, or reflecting the view from your garden home, tones of sage and olive are soothing to the eye. Coffee tables, bedside tables, and other pieces that sit on the floor will ground the space when done in green. Mix and match the greens with cloudy whites and sky blues, for a look that instantly calms.


Put it in neutral

Make your space feel airy and bright with big furniture pieces in neutral colours. Your largest pieces (like your bed) take up a lot of space – so opting for light shades will prevent your room from looking too busy or cluttered. If you have white walls, tones of ivory, oat or beige will help you to create a zen zone. We love sofas and armchairs in textured fabric like boucle, which keeps your white furniture cosy and effortlessly on-trend. Your neutral furniture is perfect for pairing back your colour choices. Cool whites look perfect with icy blues and warm whites look great with moss greens, so this is your cue to layer up the throws and cushions.



Subtle maximalism

Breathe easy in a space that feels like an autumn breeze. Colours that mimic the outdoors are perfect for your bedroom and living room – but that doesn’t just mean plain shades. Patterns will create visual interest and allow you to put your personal stamp on the room. We love printed sheets in greens and blues for a fresh way to add pattern to your bedroom. When making your bed, make sure to fold back the top edge of your quilt to reveal the chic pattern beneath. Dip your toe into maximalism by pairing printed sheets with a floral-patterned quilt cover; if the patterns are both in a crisp colour palette, they’ll look stylish and intentional.


Reset & refresh

Revitalise your bathroom without the reno. You don’t need subway tiles or new tapware to give your bathroom an energised look. Scrub up with clean and cool colour, choosing new towels, bathmats and accessories in crisp shades of green and blue. Like a fresh sprig of eucalyptus, this colour palette effortlessly calms while keeping the space looking polished. Pair different towels from the same shade range for a modern effect. Textured towels like our Archie look great with our patterned Kadikoy towels. For an added dose of serenity, we recommend washing your new towels in our Aroma Wash range. Leaving them with maximum absorbency, the Native Towels Laundry Liquid will have your towels (and bathroom) scented of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Lime.



Embrace the changing seasons with new arrivals in your new favourite colour palette.

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