How to Prepare Your Bed for Autumn

MAR 15|4 min read

Autumn is almost here! Whether you're a cold or hot sleeper, we’ve listed our steps to keep you cosy in the cooler season.

Cooler nights are on the way.

The leaves are beginning to turn from green to yellow to red, and the sun is starting to set a bit earlier than usual, so it’s time to start thinking about what you need to keep warm at night. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide to building your perfect autumn bed.

Step 1: start with a mattress topper

Feel like you’re falling asleep on a cloud with a mattress topper for extra insulation while you rest. A plush wool or firm memory foam mattress topper will keep you comfortable while providing added cushioning and retaining warmth, so you won’t lose heat throughout the night. Plus, a topper will extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from wear and tear.

Sleep Therapy Wool Mattress Topper

Luxury High Loft Fitted Mattress TopperLuxury High Loft Fitted Mattress Topper

Luxury High Loft Fitted Mattress Topper

Sleep Restful Wool Mattress Topper

World's Softest Mattress TopperWorld's Softest Mattress Topper

World's Softest Mattress Topper

Memory Fibre Mattress TopperMemory Fibre Mattress Topper

Memory Fibre Mattress Topper

Step 2: get serious about your sheets

Next, it’s time to pick your sheets. Choosing the right sheets is essential when it comes to regulating your body temperature throughout the changing seasons. Read our guide to discover the perfect sheets for you.

Remember, some sheets are warmer than others and a higher thread count provides better warmth. If if you’re a super chilly sleeper, consider changing to Flannelette sheets for those extra cool nights when winter comes around. But, if you love linen, you’ll be glad to know it’s great for all seasons! 
Our Stonewashed Cotton is both warm and breathable making sure you’ll be well rested in every season. Available in an array of colours, there are countless ways to shake up your bed while keeping a warm and homey feel.



Step 3: top it off with a quilt

When the cool change finally does come, be ready to add your favourite quilt on top of your coverlet for even extra warmth. From bamboo to cotton, wool to down, find out how to choose your perfect quilt in our guide.

If you’re a cold sleeper, you may want to layer up early and get your quilt out sooner rather than later. Just shake it out and give it a spritz of linen spray, and it’ll be ready to keep you toasty. Hot sleepers might like to stick with their coverlet but keep a lightweight quilt folded at the end of the bed – just in case.

Everyday Wool Quilt

Ultimate Siberian Goose Down QuiltUltimate Siberian Goose Down Quilt

Ultimate Siberian Goose Down Quilt

Warm Wool Quilt

Opulence Goose Down QuiltOpulence Goose Down Quilt

Opulence Goose Down Quilt

Australian Washable Wool QuiltAustralian Washable Wool Quilt

Australian Washable Wool Quilt

Step 4: cosy up under a coverlet

As we move towards cooler weather, a coverlet adds a bit of weight and warmth - but not too much. A coverlet gives your bed that “made” look that sheets alone don’t have, without adding a lot of heat. Perfect for those late summer and early autumn nights when the temperature suddenly drops, you can pull up the coverlet for that needed bit of warmth.



Step 5: the final layer

To make sure your bed is completely ready for autumn, add a coverlet, blanket or throw over your quilt for extra warmth and style. Create a beautiful bed by layering different textures - a chunky knit throw or faux fur blanket will really tie a room together. Your coverlet from early autumn will look plush and luxe, draped over the end of your bed; we love a multi-use piece. Try contrasting your bedlinen and cushions by using one or two colours in different shades to complete the look.


Seasonal Layering:

Sherpa Sand BlanketSherpa Sand Blanket

Out of stock for delivery

Sherpa Sand Blanket

Out of stock for delivery

Cloud Neopolitan Stripe Blanket

Out of stock for delivery

Newport Tan Chunky Knit Throw

Sawyer Velvet Hazelnut Quilted Quilt Cover SeparatesSawyer Velvet Hazelnut Quilted Quilt Cover Separates

Sawyer Velvet Hazelnut Quilted Quilt Cover Separates

Out of stock for delivery

Holland Grey Wool Throw


Insider Tip:

Are you a really cold sleeper? An electric blanket is your best friend in the cooler months! Take the warmth to the sofa or armchair with our smaller heated blankets.

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