Styling Combinations for Cushions & Throws

MAR 29|3 min read

Let our expert stylists help you choose the right cushions, blankets, throws & other styling trends for your space this season.

Let cushions and throws be the decor ace up your sleeve...

Instantly adding colour, texture and style to your space, soft furnishings change the look of your room without the need for a paintbrush. The right throw can makeover the look of your couch or bed - but it can be hard to know where to start. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed looking up at the wall of cushions in one of our stores, we’re here to help. Start with a cushion you’re drawn to, and let this guide help you pick out the perfect throw to pair with it.

Check, please!  

This classic pattern just keeps getting more and more popular and shows no sign of slowing down. If you’re new to checks, this design can be broken down into a few key styles. Plaid is an iconic type of check, giving a timeless style; match this print with a linen throw in a similar colourway for an elegant look. Gingham is this season’s most popular type of check; opt for a light-coloured gingham cushion and pair it with a throw in a neutral colour for a modern result. If you’re looking for a bold splash of checks, consider houndstooth; this style makes a statement which looks great as a solo throw or cushion, or paired back with block colours.

Belgian White & Linen Large Check Vintage Washed Linen CushionBelgian White & Linen Large Check Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian White & Linen Large Check Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Pasquale Natural Linen CushionPasquale Natural Linen Cushion

Out of stock for delivery

Pasquale Natural Linen Cushion

Romy Almond Check CushionRomy Almond Check Cushion

Romy Almond Check Cushion

Jakarta Neutrals Check CushionJakarta Neutrals Check Cushion

Jakarta Neutrals Check Cushion

Belgian Forest & Linen Large Check Vintage Washed Linen CushionBelgian Forest & Linen Large Check Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian Forest & Linen Large Check Vintage Washed Linen Cushion



"Create a Sunday sanctuary with cosy textures, embrace layering and seasonal hues."

Stripes on stripes

Autumn Styling:

Geo Naturals Knit ThrowGeo Naturals Knit Throw

Geo Naturals Knit Throw

Clea Natural Check Fur ThrowClea Natural Check Fur Throw

Out of stock for delivery

Clea Natural Check Fur Throw

Tamsin Natural Knit CushionTamsin Natural Knit Cushion

Tamsin Natural Knit Cushion

Alexia Natural Check BlanketAlexia Natural Check Blanket

Alexia Natural Check Blanket

Hampshire Almond Floral CushionHampshire Almond Floral Cushion

Hampshire Almond Floral Cushion




Florals meet stripes

Florals inject a bit of life and colour into any room but can also lend themselves to a more traditional aesthetic. Make your favourite floral prints feel modern by pairing them with stripes (after all, we did say we can’t get enough of them). We love floral cushions with big prints and plenty of texture; this season is all about embroidery and tufting, which is a perfect fit for your favourite flowers. Once you have your floral cushions picked out, opt for a matching striped throw in one of the more muted colours from your cushion design. If you prefer a classic look, opt instead for a throw in block colours in one of the more vibrant tones from your floral cushion. 

Sephora Green Floral Velvet CushionSephora Green Floral Velvet Cushion

Sephora Green Floral Velvet Cushion

Monroe Natural Stripe CushionMonroe Natural Stripe Cushion

Monroe Natural Stripe Cushion

Geo Garden Earth ThrowGeo Garden Earth Throw

Out of stock for delivery

Geo Garden Earth Throw

Rory Naturals Stripe CushionRory Naturals Stripe Cushion

Rory Naturals Stripe Cushion

Kirby White Stripe ThrowKirby White Stripe Throw

Kirby White Stripe Throw


Insider Tip:

The way you fold your throw will dictate the mood of your soft furnishings. On a bed, a crisply folded throw will create a classic feeling, while an armchair suits an artfully draped throw for a more casual effect. 

Keep it simple

Otis White Boucle CushionOtis White Boucle Cushion

Otis White Boucle Cushion

Leiden Olive Boucle ThrowLeiden Olive Boucle Throw

Leiden Olive Boucle Throw

Belgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen CushionBelgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Belgian Linen Vintage Washed Linen Cushion

Manhattan Natural Boucle ThrowManhattan Natural Boucle Throw

Manhattan Natural Boucle Throw

Macrame Brown Sugar Knot ThrowMacrame Brown Sugar Knot Throw

Macrame Brown Sugar Knot Throw


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