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Our Essentials for a Dreamy Kids’ Bedroom

JAN 12|3 min read

Every child has a different idea of what their perfect bedroom looks like. We’ve listed all the essentials, to create their ideal space to sleep and play!

From bedlinen to night lights, we’ve got everything you’ll need to build their dream room.

As a kid growing up, we always had a vision and plan for what our dream room would look like. Now, as parents, we understand how important it is to try and make that dream a reality!  

In this guide, we explore our huge range of kid-friendly furniture, bedlinen and decor, available across a wide range of colours, patterns, themes and characters so that you can help bring their perfect bedroom to life. 

From choosing the right furniture to adding pops of personality to every corner, we’ve listed exactly what you’ll need to help you (and them) create the room of their dreams that they’ll cherish for years. 

Build the right foundation 

Whether you’re upsizing from a nursery, or just wanting to freshen up your little one’s space, a staple set of furniture that will last them throughout the years is essential for creating your child’s dream bedroom.

If you’re unsure where to start, every kid’s bedroom needs a place to store their ever-growing collection of clothes, a space to sit and relax or play and, of course, somewhere to sleep!

Keep in mind that the furniture you choose now will most likely stay in their room until they’re old enough to pick their own - their favourite colour or animal may change, but their furniture won’t! We suggest avoiding coloured or themed furniture pieces that your child may outgrow, and instead opting for a neutral look – we love the Brady Boucle Collection, available across a Blanket Box, Ottoman and Bookshelf. Our Noah Bedroom Collection comes in a natural timber colour and will bring style and simplicity to your child's room.

You can still brighten their space and incorporate their favourite colours with room decor, wall art and accessories, but neutral-coloured furniture in black, grey, white or wood will always match whatever colour or theme they’re loving throughout the years.

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Keep their options open

It’s unlikely that the size of your child’s bed will change until they’re older, so when it comes to bedlinen, we suggest keeping one or two neutral-themed staple sets on hand that they can keep for years. This way, if they wake up one day and want to change up their bedlinen, they have other options (and you won’t have to rush to the store to buy a new set!). From gingham to colourful retro patchwork styles, we’ve got bedlinen to suit any child.

You can still entertain their Thomas the Tank Engine or Marvel Spider-Man obsession by keeping one bedlinen set of their favourite officially licensed merchandise. Alternatively, consider buying only the quilt cover and pillowcases, keeping the sheets neutral so it’s easier to swap and change.

Kids can be messy! So, we also recommend keeping two to three sets of bedlinen in storage at home in case of any accidents or spills resulting in a quick change of bedding.

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Pops of personality

Enhance their dream bedroom with fun lighting that will not only keep them comforted at night but also serves as a funky bedroom decoration during the day! Whether they’re into dinosaurs, unicorns, trucks or koalas, these Night Lights are an easy way to accessorise their room while giving off a warm glow when it’s time to wind down.

For an extra touch of fun and softness, add some novelty Cushions to their bedspread! There’s a cushion for every kid with decorator cushions, floor cushions, and comfort buddies in the shape of animals, footballs, flowers and more.

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Keep it clean

If you ask your child what they’d choose to have in their perfect bedroom, they probably won’t think of storage baskets, however, a place to keep all their toys and gadgets is essential for every child’s room to help keep it neat and tidy.

Aside from teaching your little ones tidying up skills and how to take care of their things, our storage options come in a variety of fun prints, and different shapes and sizes to match any room.

Mix and match with small tabletop baskets for trinkets and accessories, and deeper floor trunks and chests for large toys and games.

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Let them express themselves

Once you’ve got the essentials like furniture and bedlinen down, it’s time to have some fun with their room decor! Creating their perfect bedroom means leaving plenty of opportunity for expression of personality, and a great way to show off their interests is through wall art. From fun and trendy prints to delicate and soft illustrations, a piece of Wall Art can transform any blank canvas into an eye-catching space.

Trying to tackle some empty space? Bring the decor to the floor with a rug! Our Rugs and Play Mats serve as a fun bedroom centrepiece and give them a dedicated place in their room to play and relax when they’re not in bed.

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Make space for friends and fun

A kid’s bedroom isn’t complete without every child’s favourite thing – toys! From soft toys to snuggle up with at night to games that can be played for hours on end, we’ve got a huge range of toys for any little one in your life. Introduce them to storytelling and imaginative play with their own dollhouse, or strengthen their hand-eye coordination with an animal-themed ring toss set!

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When it comes to refreshing your child’s room, remember that you don’t have to do it alone!

Find out their favourite colours, bring them along for the shop, or keep them next to you when choosing bits and pieces online to help steer you in the right direction to create a space that you’ll both love.

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We're here to help. 

From dinosaurs to unicorns, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make their dream bedroom a reality. 

Head in-store with a picture of your space and let our expert team provide tailored advice.

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