Channel the power of green

SEP 01|5 min read

Imagine walking through your front door and feeling the weight of the day melt from your shoulders.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your home styling had the power to recharge and revitalise your wellbeing? Introduce the colour green and allow the positive energy to flow naturally through your home.

Colour play.


Beyond floral prints.

It’s easy to think of florals when we want a natural aura in a bedroom, but let’s branch out – pun intended. Embrace overgrown, foliage-inspired prints and homely patchwork designs splashed across your sheets. You can also go for a low-key approach, by pairing subtly textured bedlinen with crisp neutrals. Using similar shades of green will make mixing prints a breeze.

A white armchair in a boucle material sits in the foreground of a room, on an olive rug.

Breathe easy, think clearly.

A black side table next to a grey bed, with a plant in a white vase and two small candles on top.
Bathroom scene of a green hand towel, small mirror, soap dispenser, and bamboo tumbler with toothbrushes sit next to a sink.

Welcome to the jungle.

Green thumbs rejoice! Infusing your interior design with potted plants and faux stems is an easy and effective way to create a grounding atmosphere. Lush houseplants set in minimal pots and planters will provide a sense of serenity through the whole house.


Add a splash of green or dive right into the trend with our collection of bedlinen, homewares and furniture in leafy shades and foliage-inspired prints.

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