3 Types of Bed Linen for a Lived-in Look

DEC 27|3 min read

We’ve got the right sheets for a perfectly messy, stylishly undone bed. 

Absolutely no ironing needed.

Ever gazed at images of a perfectly tousled bed and wondered how on earth it looks so effortlessly cool? You just get out of bed, right? Yes, your bed can still look elegant with almost no maintenance – but that level of mastery calls for the right bedlinen. 

If you’re going for this season’s airy, gently feminine style, you need to start from the fitted sheet and work your way up, using bedlinen with natural texture. When combined with the right colours, the tactile fabric will help to create that chic feeling you’re going for.  

Here’s our pick of the best fabrics to help you on your way to mastering the lived-in look in your bedroom. Move over pristine, polished beds – low maintenance, unmade, and a little bit wrinkled, is in! 

Vintage Washed Linen

There’s something so dreamy about a deliberately dishevelled bed. Rumpled sheets and fluffy pillows can still look purposeful and put-together when done in the right fabric. This look is easily achieved with naturally relaxed materials, such as our Vintage Washed Linen.

Made from 100% French flax linen, our luxe quilt covers and sheets are pre-washed for a delightfully worn-in feel that becomes softer with every wash. Forget ironing, flattening or pressing, this fabric truly shines when left au naturel. Draping beautifully, the relaxed weave of Vintage Washed Linen will do the “undone” look all by itself.

Shop separates in different colours for a totally trending look.



Stonewashed Cotton

Think creased rather than crisp bedlinen to create the playful and personal look of a lived-in bed. The slightly wrinkled texture and snuggly soft feel of our Stonewashed Cotton will really bring this intentionally messy look to life.

Our tip is to size up your flat sheet and leave it untucked, allowing the fabric to fall softly over each side of your bed. Finally, layer with a fluffy quilt and at least four standard pillows – the extra height will help make your unmade covers look a little more considered.

Prewashed with stones to make the fibres more relaxed, this weave is ultra-durable – making it a summertime winner.



Bamboo Linen

Those who struggle to make the bed in the morning will truly appreciate the naturally wrinkled look of bamboo linen sheets and quilt covers. Lightweight and airy, the inherent casualness of this fabric makes it easy to create the ‘I woke up like this’ aesthetic because it’s designed to be left just as it is.

Naturally anti-bacterial, bamboo won’t allow microbes, odour, mould or bacteria to grow - letting you breathe cleanly as you sleep. This fabric is also hypoallergenic, which will reduce the number of mornings you wake up feeling stuffy or sneezy.

Throw back your quilt, leave your sheets to cascade over the edges, pile on the pillows and you’re good to go.



Bamboo Linen White Sheet Separates

Vintage Washed Linen Linen Check Sheet SeparatesVintage Washed Linen Linen Check Sheet Separates

Vintage Washed Linen Linen Check Sheet Separates

Vintage Washed Linen Linen Quilt Cover SeparatesVintage Washed Linen Linen Quilt Cover Separates

Vintage Washed Linen Linen Quilt Cover Separates

Bamboo Linen Natural PillowcaseBamboo Linen Natural Pillowcase

Bamboo Linen Natural Pillowcase

Bamboo Linen Earth Quilt Cover SeparatesBamboo Linen Earth Quilt Cover Separates

Bamboo Linen Earth Quilt Cover Separates

Perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance approach to stylish bedrooms, bedlinen with natural texture is on everyone’s vision boards this year. Check out our care guides to make sure your new bedlinen looks gorgeous for years to come.

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