Why You’ll Love Stonewashed Cotton

DEC 14|3 min read

Easy to care for and soft to the touch, Stonewashed Cotton is one of our best sellers in Bedlinen – here's why.

When it comes to bedlinen, our Stonewashed Cotton range is an Adairs best seller - but what does this phrase mean? Stonewashed refers to cotton that has been pre-cleaned in a large industrial washing machine with stones, that then pummel against the material to loosen up the yarn. This method of stonewashing results in softer cotton with a lived-in look and feel. Discover why you’ll love our Stonewashed Cotton below!

Benefits of Stonewashed Cotton - Why Should You Buy?

Styling with Stonewashed Cotton

With over 15 colours, patterns and textures, it’s easy to create a unique look to suit any personal style with Stonewashed Cotton Bedlinen. If you like to keep a monochromatic theme, pair crisp white sheets and pillowcases with a light-coloured quilt cover, or, if you prefer to mix and match, choose a single-coloured cover with printed sheets and pillowcases - the options are endless! From solid ice blue to black checkerboard print, there’s a sheet to suit any room style and theme.



Caring for Stonewashed Cotton

Our Stonewashed range is 100% cotton, meaning it’s machine washable and easy to care for with a few simple steps. You may want to tuck yourself in as soon as you buy, but make sure to pre-wash your Stonewashed goodies on a cold, gentle wash cycle before your first use – this will remove any irritants that may have collected on your bedlinen. Make sure to wash whites, colours and prints separately, and tumble dry on a low setting or hang out to line dry in the shade. Stick to these steps and you’ll be loving your Stonewashed Cotton for years! For in-depth advice on how to care for your Stonewashed Cotton, explore our handy guide.

Stonewashed Cotton Bedlinen

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Stonewashed for Kids & Nursery

A perfect all-rounder with a lived-in look, Stonewashed Cotton is relaxed, comfortable and suitable for all seasons. Available in an array of colours, there are countless ways to shake up your bed while keeping a warm and homey feel.

You'll love our Stonewashed Cotton.