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Fluted Pink VaseFluted Pink Vase

Fluted Pink Vase

Lattice Lavender & White VaseLattice Lavender & White Vase

Lattice Lavender & White Vase

Citron White Ring VaseCitron White Ring Vase

Citron White Ring Vase

Armada Deep Green Plant StandArmada Deep Green Plant Stand

Armada Deep Green Plant Stand

Citron Yellow Footed VaseCitron Yellow Footed Vase

Citron Yellow Footed Vase

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Santana Black Plant StandSantana Black Plant Stand

Santana Black Plant Stand

Riviera Antique White UrnRiviera Antique White Urn

Riviera Antique White Urn

Armada White Gloss Plant StandArmada White Gloss Plant Stand

Armada White Gloss Plant Stand

Sunflower Natural Plant Stand

Tuba Green VaseTuba Green Vase

Tuba Green Vase

Mondello Head Green VaseMondello Head Green Vase

Mondello Head Green Vase

Angular White VaseAngular White Vase

Angular White Vase

Stark Matte White Large PotStark Matte White Large Pot

Stark Matte White Large Pot

Otto Off White VaseOtto Off White Vase

Otto Off White Vase

Lotus Blue VaseLotus Blue Vase

Lotus Blue Vase

Speckle Orange & Pink VaseSpeckle Orange & Pink Vase

Speckle Orange & Pink Vase

Marseille White PotMarseille White Pot

Marseille White Pot

Sven Black Plant StandSven Black Plant Stand

Sven Black Plant Stand

Tuba Amber VaseTuba Amber Vase

Tuba Amber Vase

Textured White Sand PotTextured White Sand Pot

Textured White Sand Pot

Tuba Violet VaseTuba Violet Vase

Tuba Violet Vase

Lattice Orange & Yellow Vase

Oslo White Stripe Vase

Sunset Pink VaseSunset Pink Vase

Sunset Pink Vase

Sunset Sienna VaseSunset Sienna Vase

Sunset Sienna Vase

Sunset Chartreuse VaseSunset Chartreuse Vase

Sunset Chartreuse Vase

Odyssey Small Rustic White PotOdyssey Small Rustic White Pot

Odyssey Small Rustic White Pot

Odyssey Medium Rustic White PotOdyssey Medium Rustic White Pot

Odyssey Medium Rustic White Pot

Citron Yellow Ripple VaseCitron Yellow Ripple Vase

Citron Yellow Ripple Vase

Explore our range of stylish plant stands, pots and vases that will add freshness and bring life into your home. Our impressive range will complement your favourite blooms to help them look amazing every day. Our range of planters includes elevated indoor planters, plant stands, hand-woven baskets, contemporary plant stands, geometric concrete pots and everything in between to help showcase your botanical displays in style. Decorate your home’s outdoor space by bringing in colour and a touch of nature to your porch, patio or deck with our planters and pots. Our selection of plant pots will enhance the feel of your home with the latest trends. Our collection includes traditional terracotta pots, ceramic plant pots, modern metal containers, concrete pots, hand-painted fibre-clay pots that are available in many neutral finishes that prove versatile in your space. We offer a stylish range of vases that are functional, versatile and will enhance any living space in your home. Choose from glass vases, ceramic vases, clay vases and plenty of other options that will help you bring new colours and textures into your home. 

Shop our impressive collection of plant stands, ceramic plant pots, terracotta pots, woven baskets, contemporary plant stands and flower vases, ceramic vases only at Adairs.

What are the Best Types of Planter Pots here at Adairs? 

Ceramic pots 

Perfect for just about any plant, ceramic pots are tough and durable, can take quite a bit of handling, and are great for even large plants. Plus, they come in a wide range of decorative styles and shapes, making them the ideal indoor pots. Unfortunately, ceramic tends to crack in very wintry conditions so they’re not as versatile for the garden as outdoor pots.  

Hanging pots 

Ideal for leafy plants, hanging planter pots allow the fronds of your plant to delicately drape rather than lay on your surfaces. Perfect for creeper varieties like Devil’s Ivy, or plants with soft leaves like ferns, a hanging planter will help you grow your plant to the perfect length. Suspend hanging pots in places that need greenery but don’t have surface space for standard plants and pots. Hanging planters drain very quickly, so you’ll need to re-water more regularly.   

Plant stands 

If you’ve got a small to medium size plant you love, but feel like it’s getting lost in your space, opt for a plant stand. By raising the height of your plant to eye-level, you make sure you’re getting the most out of your greenery. A small plant stand filled with succulents looks great next to a couch, while a big plant stand next to your wall art will make sure your plant is sitting at the same height as everything else going on. Just be careful not to place a plant stand somewhere it can be easily bumped into, as plant stands can be a tripping hazard if put in the wrong place. 

Flower Vases

To showcase fresh blooms from the garden or market, choose Adairs flower vases range from minimalist to elaborate pattern designs to add an artistic touch to any space. Suitable for both cut flowers and greenery, they are an essential homeware item for those who love to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. 

Floor and standing pots

Our floor and standing pots are designed to make a statement in any room. These large pots are perfect for growing bigger plants and trees indoors, providing a striking focal point. With their robust design and stability, they are an ideal choice for creating an impactful indoor garden.

How do I choose the right size plant pot? 

When it comes to choosing the right size plant pot, there are a few things you'll need to take into consideration. First, you'll need to think about the size of the plant itself. You'll want to make sure that the pot is big enough for the plant to comfortably fit in, but not so big that the plant looks lost in the pot. Second, you'll need to think about the type of plant you're potting – some will be happy in narrow pots while others will need a wider base. You’ll want to choose planting containers with a diameter at least 2.5cm wider than your plant's root mass, to make sure your plant doesn’t get strangled.