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Our range of Adairs storage and shelves are practical yet stylish so that it can seamlessly fit anywhere in your home. Our shelves including bookshelves, sideboards and drawer chests provide the perfect blend of style and function. Crafted from either natural timber, oak or rattan, our wooden shelving provides ample storage for your home. Our storage racks and shelving are versatile and will work in various spaces in the home. 

Redesign your home with our stylish storage furniture that ensures the particular space becomes more functional. Our pieces are inspired by modern design trends for today’s contemporary living spaces and have been crafted for both the modern and traditional Australian home and lifestyle needs. Shop our incredible Adairs shelves and shelving units online today.

How to Choose the Right Storage Shelves For Your Home

When it comes to organising your home, storage shelves can be a total game-changer. They provide ample storage space while also serving as a decorative element in your home. But with so many types, sizes and materials to choose from, selecting the right shelves with storage can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect storage shelves for your home.  

Types of Shelves & Shelving Units

Shelves come in various shapes and sizes, and each serves a specific purpose – like shelves for storage. For instance, bookshelves are perfect for displaying your book collection or favourite decorative items. On the other hand, entertainment units provide space to store electronics, while drawer cabinets and living room shelves are great for storing clothes, accessories and other small items. Shelving units, such as cube shelves and ladder shelves, are also great for space-saving solutions and multipurpose storage. 

Size & Dimensions of Shelves

When it comes to storage shelves, size matters. You want to ensure that the shelves you choose fit your space perfectly. Measure the area where you want to place the shelves and make sure you select the right dimensions. Consider the height, width and depth of the shelves to ensure they are suitable for your storage needs. At Adairs we offer a range of large, small shelving units to tall and low shelves. 

Shelving Material

The material you choose for your storage shelves will not only affect its durability but also its appearance. Wood and timber shelves are classic and provide a warm and cosy feel to any room. Rattan shelves, on the other hand, add a natural touch to your home. Whatever material you choose, ensure it is durable and fits with the rest of your home decor.  

When selecting shelving storage, keep in mind what matches your needs. Do you need shelves for storage, a bookshelf or a cabinet with drawers? Maybe you need portable shelves, display racks or holders for your baskets. At Adairs, we have a wide range of smart storage solutions to meet all your home organisation needs.

Best Shelves, Bookcases & Shelving Units Online in Australia

Adairs offers a wide range of storage shelves and shelving units that are perfect for your home. Whether you're looking for laundry baskets to organise your space, or home storage decor, items, we have got you covered. Check out our home organisation section for a wide range of stylish and practical solutions to keep your home organised. Don't miss out on the best shelves, bookcases and shelving units online in Australia, available at Adairs.