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What are Coverlets?

Coverlets are a type of bedding that lies somewhere between a quilt and a bedspread. They are lightweight, decorative bed coverings designed to either cover the entire bed or just the top, often reaching just past the sides and foot of the bed. Coverlets are primarily used for decorative purposes, to add style, colour, and texture to your bedlinen, but they can also provide an additional layer of warmth when needed.

In the world of bed linens, Adairs' coverlets stand as a testament to superior craftsmanship and design. Whether made from cotton, linen, or polyester, each coverlet is a piece of art. Intricate patterns define woven coverlets, reflecting a rich heritage of craftsmanship. Quilted coverlets, with their stitched patterns and slight padding, offer a fusion of warmth and visual appeal.

Discover Adairs' Coverlets

Quilted coverlets from Adairs bring an air of sophistication and warmth to any bedroom setting. Discovering the unique role of coverlets in bedroom decor reveals their versatility and stylish nature. These lightweight and decorative bed coverings strike a perfect balance between the warmth of a quilt and the elegance of a bedspread. Designed to add color, texture, and a distinctive style to your bedlinen, coverlets also provide that extra layer of warmth when the temperature dips.


Quilted Coverlets

Quilted coverlets from Adairs bring a touch of timeless elegance to any bedroom. Each piece is a celebration of meticulous craftsmanship, where every stitch tells a story of quality and care. These coverlets, often featuring embossed or stitched patterns, add not only a layer of warmth but also a rich texture that transforms the bed into a focal point of the room. Beyond their aesthetic allure, quilted coverlets are highly practical, offering just the right amount of warmth for comfortable sleep throughout the seasons. They are a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of bedroom decors.

Cotton & Linen Coverlets

Step into a world of comfort with our cotton and linen coverlets. Known for their breathability and softness, cotton coverlets offer a plush feel, while linen coverlets stand as symbols of luxury and durability. Each linen coverlet weaves together comfort and enduring elegance, making them a favorite among discerning homeowners.

 A Coverlet for Every Bed Size

Whether you own a spacious queen bed or a cosy single, Adairs has the perfect bed coverlet for you. Explore our vast range of coverlets crafted for every bed size including queen coverlets, single bed coverlets and double bed coverlets. Each one promises impeccable quality, ensuring a snug and stylish layer for every night's rest.