Product Safety Recall

AK Decorative Canopy


Sold at Adairs stores from 20 July 2017 to 13 Febraury 2018


— Defect —

String of pom poms on the canopy creates a potential strangulation hazard.


— Hazard —

Supplier became aware of an incident where the string of pom poms got wrapped around a childs neck. This presents a risk of stragulation which can result in serious injury or death. 


— What to Do —

Consumers should immediately stop using the canopy and return it to an Adairs store or contact Customer Service on 0800 23 2477 to obtain a refund or store credit. 


— Contact Details —

Customers seeking a refund or store credit should contact their local Adairs store or telephone Customer Service on 0800 23 2477. 

For more information on Product Safety, please refer to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website. 


Refer to the link to view or download the Product Safety Recall notice for this specific product.