Bring Green into Your Home with Jono Fleming

JUL 21|5 min read

As the cooler months set in and we move towards an indoor way of life, it's the perfect time to bring nature inside.

According to interior designer and stylist Jono Fleming, the best way to do this is by greening up your space. Having spent many years shaping the pages of some of Australia’s leading lifestyle publications, and with a passion for making inspirational styles and trends achievable for everyone, we asked Jono to share some insider tips and tricks on how to pick that perfect shade of green and use it confidently throughout your home.

"Green is such a great base colour. It works in any season and with so many different shades available, there's a hue to suit any space." - Jono Fleming

Bird’s eye view of a marble table with a green textured rug underneath. On top sits swatches including in green and a floral swatch.

1. Mix it up

Bed styled with green hued bedlinen, matching cushion and throw on a bed with a rattan bedhead and a matching side table with one drawer.

2. Opposites attract

Angled view of a bed styled with green bedlinen, floral sheets and fringed cushion in orange and neutral colours.

3. Textural feeling

Bathroom with black and natural vanity, white tiles and two white basins styled with long green and white rug in front.

4. Fresh and light

Close-up of bathroom sink with white basin, natural wooden top and green towel styled on top next to a small potted plant.

5. Faux sure

“Adding green to your home doesn’t have to be daunting ─ start small with a plant and before you know it, you’ll be living in that indoor jungle! It’s such a versatile colour and can pair perfectly with so many other popular hues. Whether you like sage, olive, jade or forest, there’s a shade for everyone. Just don’t forget to layer textures and tones and you’ll be seeing green in no time.”

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