Behind the Design: Golden Wattle

FEB 16|4 min read

Meet one of our lead designers, Danielle Nash, and discover her process when creating the artwork for our Golden Wattle Bedlinen. Plus, discover how you can incorporate geometric patterns into your bedroom with Fiona Cran’s Printed Geo Sand Sheet Set.

A lover of watercolour, Australian foliage and dogs, we spoke to Danielle Nash about her designs for the Golden Wattle Bedlinen collection which includes a Quilt Cover Sheet + Separates, and Pillowcases.

From canvas to quilt, discover how our exclusive bedlinen prints come to life.

What inspired the idea behind the Golden Wattle collection?

Talk us through your creative process for this design.

I started by gathering some natives from my Mum’s garden - wattles, gum leaves and banksias. I played around sketching in pencil, before starting to experiment with paint. I painted in watercolour on cotton rag paper, which allowed me to really experiment with light and shade and achieve some of the beautiful detail that cotton paper allows. I selected my favourite paintings to scan, and then I played around digitally with layouts and subtle colour changes, adding in bits of detail here and there to really bring the design to life.


What feeling did you want to evoke with this design?

I tried to create paintings that were soothing and tranquil in their colour and style. I wanted to convey a vintage, almost faded feel to the flowers and leaves. Something feminine and soft.

What’s your favourite part of the Golden Wattle design?

I think the final design has achieved the delicacy and softness that I wanted and will layer beautifully on a bed with some solid dyed Vintage Washed Linens or Stonewashed Cottons.


Florals not your thing?

Embrace golden slumbers in a geometric pattern with our Printed Geo Sand Sheet Set. Designed by team lead designer, Fiona Cran, this stunning set is made from super-soft cotton for a blissful night’s sleep.

Bring a piece of art home when you shop these exclusive, one-of-a-kind prints carefully created by our team of talented designers.

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