Trending in Colour: Orange

APR 20|4 min read

It’s all about orange this season. Whether it’s fresh with fruity tones or earthy and rich, orange hues will make your home feel lighter and brighter.

 Introduce shades of turmeric, mandarin and apricot through your home styling to create a happy and optimistic space, as soon as you walk through the door.

A bed shot from the side, with orange check bedlinen and an assortment of printed cushions.

Brighten your bedroom

A wooden table with glass candle holders, with a plant in a woven basket to he right. The background is fuzzy orange carpet and the corner of a room.
A close up image of a bed with printed cushions on shades of orange and blue, with a wooden bedside table to the right. Plants are hanging above the bed in the background.
An orange chair viewed from the side, covered in textured cushions and throws. Plants and décor surround the chair, and the carpet is a similar shade of orange.

Living in colour

A close shot of a sculptural orange vase on a circular side table, with a magazine to the left corner of the frame.
A close up shot of orange cushions on an orange chair, all slightly different shades and textures.
A bathroom scene with a yellow wall, tiled features and towels in shades of terracotta and cream.

Beautiful bathroom

A shot of the corner of a vanity, with glass bathroom accessories and textured towels in orange shades.
Textured towels in orange, clay and cream check are stacked on top of a wooden stool, with a bathroom vanity in the background.

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a front view of a bed with Maus Haus bedspread and cushions.


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