Your Season’s Style: From Design to Print

APR 01|2 min read

At Adairs, we pride ourselves on being truly unique – almost all our designs are hand painted by our talented team in our Melbourne studio, across multiple categories such as bedlinen, wall art, cushions and throws.

Our Design Manager, Bec Jones, takes us through the process of how she and the team create designs for our unique pieces, setting the scene and inspiration for our new collections.

Adairs Design Manager, Bec Jones creating hand painting artwork with paints and brushes around the table

How long have you been a designer for, and when did your career with Adairs begin?

 Adairs Design Manager, Bec Jones pictured kneeling down and organising a basket of towels

How does inspiration become product? Explain the process.

Nearly all of our designs are hand painted, before being cleaned up and finished off digitally, so there’s a lot of work and consideration that goes into each design.

Collage of bed sheet materials and photos pinned against a board during a brainstorming session

How did you approach the new collection this season?

Collage of colour swatches, paper and materials scattered on a table