Modern Eclectic: How to Get the Look

MAY 07|4 min read

Modern eclectic presents that perfect balance between the past and the present, the nostalgic and the modern.

If you love experimenting with colour and textures, or collecting meaningful pieces for your space, this style might be the one for you.

Bird’s eye view of bedroom with bed on left styled with mustard quilt cover and floral sheets, a selection of rugs and plants.

Mix prints for maximum impact

Living room wall styled with multiple artworks at different heights, next to the Arden Natural Chest of 3 Drawers and an Armchair.

Pieces that speak a thousand words

Living room styled with artwork at different heights, armchair, Arden Coffee Table, patterned rug and finished with accessories.

Bring balance and contrast with home decor

Close-up of a selection of wall art featuring pink, yellow, blue, gold and florals placed at different heights hanging on a dark blue wall.

The final touch - a gallery wall