Christmas Tree Themes to Choose from This Year 

OCT 09|5 min read

Holiday season is just around the corner and, as you’d expect, we’re welcoming the most wonderful time of the year with stunning new Christmas arrivals.

For us, the must-have to set the festive tone in your home is the Christmas tree. Whether it’s small or tall, green or white, real or artificial, there are genuinely thousands of ways to go about decorating your tree: from maximalist to minimal and everything in between.

If you’re stuck for ideas or wanting to try something new, here are the four Christmas tree themes we’re loving this year and how to recreate them at home using our latest range of Christmas decorations and ornaments.

Rockin' around the novelty tree

Styling your novelty Christmas tree

A beautiful, beachy Christmas

Styling your beachy Christmas tree

Traditional and terrific

Styling your traditional Christmas tree

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

Styling your Australiana Christmas tree

5 Tips When Choosing a Christmas Tree

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1. Height

The average ceiling height in Australia is about 2.4m (or 8 feet), however this varies considerably based on the age and area of your home. With this in mind, we recommend you get out the measuring tape to confirm how much room you have for your tree. To make sure your tree doesn’t look crowded – and so that you have space for a topper – it's best to allow 30cm clearance from the ceiling. If you’re going for a showstopping tree topper, you may need to allow even more than that!

2. Depth

The size or diameter of a Christmas tree is the next most important factor to consider. Take a look at the space you're hoping to display your tree in and think about how much depth you have to play with. Trees come in wide and narrow styles, so a small space doesn’t mean no tree! You’ll want to keep at least 60cm between your tree and your furniture, to allow for a standard walkway width. We also recommend keeping your tree a few centimetres away from your walls to prevent bumps and scratches.

3. Style  

The Christmas season doesn’t magically change the aesthetic of your home, so it’s key to make the style of your tree feel consistent. If you have a Scandi or minimalist space with lots of light colours and blonde woods, a coastal tree will look right at home. Alternatively, if your living room is very mid-century modern with rich tones, a traditional fir tree will look style appropriate. We love decorating trees with themes and colours that suit your home and spark joy.   

4. Space

The room your tree lives in is also a factor to keep in mind. Living rooms suit grand, attention-grabbing trees, and look best stacked with beautifully wrapped presents. Entrance ways look best with tall, narrower trees, which will add a sense of height without taking up a lot of space. We also love adding miniature Christmas trees to little one’s bedrooms. Giving them a perfect place to display their Bluey baubles or hand-made macaroni ornaments, kids’ trees give them a chance to express their holiday spirit.  

5. Classic or pre-lit?

One of the best Christmas innovations from the last few years is the pre-lit tree. Rather than messing about with a massive tangle of green wires (both when putting the tree up and when putting it away), our pre-lit trees feature fairy lights integrated into each branch. Just assemble the tree as normal and plug it in – it's ready to shine! You’ll know one of our trees come with lighting if “LED” appears in the title. This choice is ideal for anyone who craves convenience, but if you love the tradition of gently draping lights on your tree, you might prefer a classic style.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is a delightful fusion of tradition and personal creativity. To kick-start your decoration journey, first fluff out your tree, be it real or artificial, ensuring a full, lively appearance. Then, drape your chosen lights, ideally beginning from the bottom and spiraling your way upwards, maintaining even spacing for a magical effect. As for ornaments, start with the larger ones, placing them around the tree, and then fill in spaces with medium and smaller decorations. Add depth and intrigue by weaving ribbons or garlands through the branches. Personal touches, like handmade or heirloom ornaments, can provide your tree with a unique identity. And for the finale, crown your tree with your chosen topper, whether it's a star, angel, or something more whimsical. If you're looking for more inspiration on themes, check out our detailed guide on christmas decoration themes that delve deep into styling, capturing the essence of the festive season.

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