Transform your Linen Cupboard this Spring

SEP 16|3 min read

Refresh your space with a linen cupboard makeover!

It’s that time of year again – time to tackle the linen cupboard once and for all (well, until next spring). This can be one of the more daunting tasks in your spring-cleaning roster, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to make your organisation woes a thing of the past.

Save space in your linen cupboard

Next, it’s time to optimise the space you have. Decide whether you’ll keep towels and bedlinen in the cupboard, or if you’ll keep towels in the bathroom and dedicate more space to seasonal items like Christmas decorations or a thicker quilt.

Towel folding 101

Have you ever gone into an Adairs store and marvelled at the wall of immaculately folded towels? Then gone home and noticed your own towels are perhaps a little less neat? Don’t worry – us too! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting that perfect fold, every time.

Step 1 – Fold your towel in half along the middle.

Step 2 – Fold it again, so you have a skinny rectangle.

Step 3 – Fold your rectangle into thirds.

Step 4 – Congratulate yourself! You’re a little closer to the neat and tidy linen cupboard of your dreams.





Everything in its place

Now that you’ve decided where to put everything, start by organising your items into baskets or bags. It makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for when everything has its own home and is clearly labelled or visible. If you’re going with storage bags, we’d suggest getting a different colour or print for each category, that way you can see at a glance where everything is! If you choose baskets or dividers, be sure to label them so everyone else in your household knows what they’re looking for.

Sheet storage 101

If you’re anything like us, the sight of a messy stack of bedlinen has you seeing red. Here’s an easy way to keep every set neat – and super easy to find!

Step 1 – Fold your flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases (leave one pillowcase unfolded) into small squares.

Step 2 – Stack them into a neat pile.

Step 3 – Put the folded pile into the remaining, unfolded pillowcase. Make sure you push them right to the edge, then simply fold the pillowcase over so it’s sealed.

Step 4 – Pat yourself on the back! Your sheet sets are now perfectly folded, and easily identifiable.
Plus, you’ll now be able to pull out a complete sheet set at a time – say goodbye to accidentally leaving a pillowcase behind in the cupboard.





Big and bulky

One of the more challenging aspects of your linen cupboard makeover will be storing your bigger items. Whether you’ve swapped your thick, bulky winter quilt for something lightweight, or you’re putting away the flannelette sheets for breathable bamboo, you’ll need somewhere to store them.

Our top tip is to stock up on storage bags. The larger sizes are perfect for bulky items, and the bags stack easily on top of each other so you can make the most of any space you have. The bags have zipper closures and inserts for a label, so you can make sure you know exactly where everything is.

Pro tip!

Spritz your winter bedding and bedlinen with our Aroma Wash Linen Spray before you put them away. That way when the weather cools and it’s time to swap back to your heavier items, they’ll be smelling fresh and ready for you to make your winter bed.

The big reveal

The start of a new season is the perfect opportunity to whip your laundry cupboard into shape. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time set aside to tackle your spring-cleaning project, enlist some help from your family and with our tips your linen cupboard will soon be the stuff of organisation dreams!

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