How to Care for Our Bamboo Range

FEB 07|3 min read

Discover. Love. Bamboo.

Bamboo is great for many reasons from natural antibacterial properties to temperature regulation. Browse from our range of Bamboo Bestsellers – find bedding, bedlinen and towels in a range of colours. There’s something that will work for everyone. But first, here’s a few short guidelines on caring for this fabric to ensure it wears well and becomes more incredible with age. After all, each of our bamboo products have been made and constructed differently, and therefore require a tailored wash and care approach. See our care instructions below for each of our bamboo products.

Side-on-view on Bamboo Linen Sage Sheets and matching pillowcases on a bed, next to a rattan side table with books.

How to care for your Bamboo Linen sheets and quilt cover

Close-up of Bamboo Cotton Quilt Cover and matching pillowcases styled with white sheets and plants behind.

How to care for your Bamboo Cotton sheets and quilt cover

Stack of Bamboo Navara Towels including pink, coal, grey marle, white, and more – all on top of a rattan table.

How to care for your Bamboo Navara towels

Bench seat with a quilt folded and a pillow on top, and in the foreground a plant next to a Downtime Bamboo Quilt in its box.

How to care for your bamboo quilt and pillows

Bird’s eye view of a Bamboo Mattress Topper with the edge of a plant peeping over the top into the image.

How to care for your bamboo mattress topper

Bird’s eye view of Bamboo Mattress Protector on a bed with a pillow on top with a Bamboo Pillow Protector.

How to care for your bamboo mattress and pillow protectors

Laundry with white finishes, styled with Navara Bamboo Towels both in a basket and stack, next to a selection of Aroma Wash.

Fresh out of laundry care?