Create Calming and Uplifting Spaces throughout Your Home

JUL 03|5 min read

Our homes have recently transformed into a multi-purpose space, whether it’s a place for work, study, play, exercise or all of the above.

Here’s a guide on how to create a cosy sanctuary to help you relieve cabin fever and enjoy some downtime within your humble abode. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourites to add to your living space, including fresh bedlinen, mood-boosting home fragrance, touches of detailed home decor and more.


Create a calming bedroom sanctuary

Cosy up with a new book and new bedlinen tones to calm the mind. Invite warm colours of blush pinks, rose and rich reds, and enjoy spending hours on end in the comfort of your own bed. Our quick fix to get the look: try our soft-to-touch throws and faux green plants to create the ultimate calming and uplifting sanctuary.

FY20_AutumnSale - CosySpaces_LandingPage - 1.jpg

Make your spaces inspiring, no matter where you're working

If your office space is your lounge room, there’s never been a better time to make it feel inspirational and motivating. Natural light is key! But also remember to stack your lounge with cushions to keep your body in a comfortable upright position.


FY20_AutumnSale - CosySpaces_LandingPage - 2.jpg

Rattan two-seater chair with tasselled and velvet cushions stacked on the couch next to a side table and lamp.
Two-seater rattan chair, with cushions, a laptop on the chair and a dark linen curtain in the background.

Uplift your home workout space

Finding nooks throughout your home to roll out a yoga mat? Uplift your home workout space by adding a rug, light some candles and settle into a new morning routine. Our quick tip to get the look: add a new textured rug to soften your workout space.

FY20_AutumnSale - CosySpaces_LandingPage - 3.jpg

A bar cart featuring books, a candle, and plants, situated on the edge of a red rug with white detailing and tassels.
The corner of a room with two warm hued artworks leaning against each other on a wall and 2 stacks of books in-front.

Create a tranquil evening routine

Now more than ever, we’re finding it more important to step away from our screens. Take some time in the evening to run a bath and rejuvenate the mind and body. Freshen your bathroom with soft new towels and hair wraps.

FY20_AutumnSale - CosySpaces_LandingPage - 4.jpg

Free-standing bath with two textured towels hanging over the edge and a soft red Monte Mat with tasselled edging in front.
The corner of a bathroom featuring shelving with a plant stand, rattan basket, stack of warm-hued towels.