The Home Care Range You’ve Been Missing

MAR 16|4 min read

Introducing the Aroma Wash range - your household's new best friend!

When you’ve invested in quality bedding, plush towels and beautiful home accessories, it’s important to look after them. Keep your sheets fresh for longer and increase the life of your fluffy towels with our Aroma Wash cleaning range. Our eco-friendly range of household care products combine scientific research with gentle ingredients – and they’ll make your home smell amazing.

A bottle of Aroma Wash laundry liquid sits to the left of the frame, on a bamboo tray. To the left is a white towel with a black print, and a plant, all set in front of a tiled wall.

Why you’ll love it

A stylised photo of a range of Aroma Wash products, arranged on white bricks with the tendrils of a plant above. The background is pink and textured.

Keep your home fresh

Three Aroma Wash products are arranged on top of a wooden stool with a towel. A large plant sits at the bottom left corner of the frame.

Safe for you – and the planet

A simple laundry scene with white benchtops and a tiled wall, with a basket of laundry and a pile of towels. Towards the right of the frame, next to a sink, is a marble tray housing three bottles of Aroma Wash laundry liquid.

Smells like home

Explore the range, including laundry liquid, linen and mattress sprays, air fresheners and body care products.